VimeoDotNet changesets prior to 69365


Getting started

These steps are for the old version of VimeoDotNet.

  1. Download the latest version of VimeoDotNet from the Source Code page
  2. Add BusinessObject, Common and VimeoAPI projects to your solution
  3. Modify consumer key and secret values in Common\GlobalConstants.cs
  4. Add a reference to VimeoAPI from your project
  5. Create an instance of Vimeo.API.VimeoClient

After performing the steps mentioned above, you should log onto vimeo. follow these steps to do that:


  1. Assume our VimeoClient object’s name is vc. get an unauthorized token by calling this method: 
  2. Then you should provide user with an authorization URL. Call this method to get the URL:
    string url = vc.GenerateAuthorizationUrl();
  3. After the user opens the link and authorizes your application, they should enter a verifier code in your application. You use this code to get an access token:

  4. Finally you should call this method to complete the logon process:



4 thoughts on “VimeoDotNet changesets prior to 69365

  1. hello Saeed,
    i am a starting developer and i wish to do 2 things with your tool,
    1. show videos on my site, so no one outside of my site can open them.
    2. upload videos to my account in vimeo.

    i guess i am missing something very basic, because i am doing everything you said and the parameters sent in the Request are null:

    this is the code i am using:

    VimeoClient vc = new VimeoClient(cunsumerKey, cunsumerSecret);

    url = vc.GenerateAuthorizationUrl();
    thanks for your assistance

    1. Hmm… Are you sure you’re entering valid API Keys?

      We are currently under a massive internet blackout right now so I can’t access vimeo to test what’s going on 🙂

      By the way, you need a plus or pro account to be able to hide your videos outside your website.

  2. i found that i was sending the wrong time zone, but now i get:
    401 Unauthorized – Invalid signature – The oauth_signature passed was not valid.

    so i am whondering what i did wrong.

    i got the cunsumerKey, cunsumerSecret from vimeo.
    what more can i do?

  3. what i mean is,
    i am using your project in my solution,
    i have a the cunsumerKey & cunsumerSecret from vimeo.
    usually, i should just create an instance of vimeoClient with these two params and i have the url
    <a href = LINK TO VIMEO
    when i click it it’s giving me the error:
    401 Unauthorized – Permission Denied – The oauth_token passed was either not valid or has expired.

    am i doing anything wrong? am i missing something?

    thanks you so much for your assistance.


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