Vimeo for Windows Queue

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3 thoughts on “Vimeo for Windows Queue

  1. Hi Saeed,

    Great program, I just started using it and it saves me a lot of time on Vimeo. Thank you for your hard work!

    I have a few suggestions that would be great if you ever decide to work on this great program again:

    1) Ability Drag and drop many videos into queue

    2) Auto create new upload tickets with default settings for many files at once (so I can select/drag multiple files)

    3)I am on Windows 7 x64 and I have an error when I click to create a new ticket, see here:

    Thanks for this!! I appreciate it!!

  2. Hi Saeed,

    Steve here. As you know I developed an access database that contains the list of movies and the belonging meta data.

    It read the database and adds the files with meta data to vimeo.

    I got some reloads every now and then, with big files. I found out its because of “Access to the chunk list failed.”. Then the queued chunks was empty, so it started over.

    I disabled the following lines:
    // QueuedChunks.Clear();
    // ChunksCount =, VideoInfo.ChunkSize);
    // for (int i = 0; i < ChunksCount; i++)
    // {
    // QueuedChunks.Add(i);
    // }

    Uploading is now way faster!!

    1. Yeah, reloads are a big problem, but they were there to ensure that stuff won’t be re-uploaded. Unfortunately I think as you said if an error occurs during the query process of uploaded chunks, the app will upload everything again from the beginning. This should be fixed. Hmm…

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