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14 thoughts on “Upload Guide

  1. Hi..
    Thanks for the great code.
    My requirement is only to upload video from a website to vimeo. So before I use your upload code (vc.upload), what are the steps i need to perform?
    I managed to get the consumer key and consumer secret while i created the application on vimeo site.
    After that I wrote few of your code to get a Verifier.

    BUT now what??

    would be very nice if you just show me a guideline.

    1. Ok, I assume you have the verifier.


      If you already have oauth token:

      vc.Login(token, secret);
  2. Thanks for your reply.
    Is that just those 3 lines? this is what i have..

    Vimeo.API.VimeoClient vc = new VimeoClient(“key”, “secret”, “write”);


    string url = vc.GenerateAuthorizationUrl();

    // var ticket = vc.vimeo_videos_upload_getTicket();

    vc.Upload(@”D:\Family Guy.flv”);

    //string video_id = vc.vimeo_videos_upload_complete(“Family Guy”, ticket.ToString());

    return View();

    what will happen next? will the video be uploaded to vimeo server?
    will i able to get any confirmation or something..?

    I tried the above code..nothing happened.

    1. Your code is correct, however after getting the Auth URL, you should open it first, get the verifier code, and then continue running other lines of code (Get access token, login & upload).

      Upload(…) returns the video id if successful so:

      string video_id = vc.Upload(@”D:\Family Guy.flv”);

      If video_id is null, there’s an error in the upload process, you can trace the debug output to find the problem. if video_id contains a number, that means the upload was successful and you have to wait for vimeo to transcode your clip.

      Some notes:
      1. Your application (API Key) should have the permission to upload
      2. As far as I remember Vimeo doesn’t let you upload a family guy clip and might remove your clip and even your account. so be careful, they take these stuff seriously 🙂

  3. Hi Saeed
    Thanks again….But I am still struggling to upload a video from my site…I am writing more details.

    First i am going to the following action. it redirects me to the vimeo ‘Access’ page.

    public ActionResult Index(string id)

    Vimeo.API.VimeoClient vc = new VimeoClient(“key”, “secret”, “write”);


    string url = vc.GenerateAuthorizationUrl();

    return View();


    After I click ‘Allow’ it comes back to the following call back url. I am copying the verifier from the url (oauth_verifier) and paste it in a text box and click a button.
    But when I debug, i can see it never goes inside the vc.Login() method. It just fails to login.

    public ActionResult Upload(string verifier)
    Vimeo.API.VimeoClient vc = new VimeoClient(“key”, “secret”, “write”);
    if (vc.Login())

    string video_id = vc.Upload(@”D:\Wildlife.wmv”);
    return Content(video_id);
    return Content(“login failed”);

    What am I doing wrong here??

    1. Hi, I think the problem is that you are creating another VimeoClient object. GetAccessToken(…) needs the unauthorized token-secret pair you got by calling the GetUnauthorizedRequestToken() method. Use the same VimeoClient object, or set the values of new VimeoClient’s Token and TokenSecret properties to the old one.

      1. Hi. Thanks for your help. I managed to upload a video from my site on a test basis.
        Is there a way where i can set the video size?

        i tried with a big file and it showed an error and said something like “too large file”.

        And also,
        1. I need to show a thumbnail of the video
        2. and play the video on my site

        which method shall I use for that?
        do you have any documentation?

        thanks. 🙂

      2. You can re-encode the file to make it smaller. before uploading get the quota info to see how many bytes you are allowed to upload.

        I can’t help you with your other questions, you should ask Vimeo staff about them.

  4. Hi Saeed,
    I have uploading video following methods,
    1.Check the quota: before you can upload …….
    2.Get a ticket: all upload-related ….
    3.Send the video data: you can do this ………
    4.Verify the transfer: make sure all ……….
    5.Complete the upload: tell Vimeo that the data transfer ………

    i used following way, below the method,

    VimeoAPI.Objects.Authentication obj = new Authentication(“XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”, “XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX”);
    VimeoAPI.Methods auth=new Methods(obj);


    but i got error ,

    Error calling method vimeo.videos.upload.getQuota –

    but i have valid vimeo account. we need direct upload video file to vimeo . pls some code help.

    1. Hmm… as far as I remember I didn’t write the VimeoAPI.Objects.Authentication and VimeoAPI.Methods classes!

      But anyway, do you have an application with the upload permission approved?

    1. Well your code doesn’t look like anything related to my API so I cannot help you with that.

      Follow the guide in this page, because I’m not sure where in particular you have a problem.

  5. hello is it possibly with this library upload videos directly from javascript to vimeo without going throug my web server? just to do the deal faster. thanks!

    1. If you manage to stream the file from their local machine, you can send them to vimeo without going through your web server; however the library is designed for .NET, not JS.

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