Vimeo for Windows Advanced Uploader

Vimeo for Windows Advanced Uploader is designed to upload one file at a time. For an upload queue and to upload multiple files simultaneously try Vimeo for Windows Queue.

Vimeo for Windows Advanced Uploader is a Windows based client that allows you to upload your video clips to Vimeo. This application lets you control every step in the upload process. Some of its notable features are:

  • Manual control over chunk size and the number of chunks, so users with fast and reliable connections can upload fewer and larger chunks and users with slow and unreliable connections can upload in smaller chunks.
  • Parallel chunk uploading: Chunks can be uploaded in parallel to increase the upload speed.
  • Control over the order of chunks for uploading
  • Supports replacing existing videos
  • Resume support
  • Proxy support
  • Multi-user support: OAuth Tokens and Upload Tickets can be stored in individual files and used when needed.
  • Open source: You can download its source code and use it in your own applications
  • It’s free!

You can download Vimeo for Windows Advanced Uploader from Codeplex.


Step by step user’s guide:

After logging onto Vimeo and getting an OAuth access token, you will be allowed to begin uploading a video file. To do this, choose the New Ticket… item from the Upload menu. The New Ticket dialog appears:


In this dialog, you can choose the video file you want to upload, and specify the size of the chunks or their count. You may also choose to replace an existing video on Vimeo. To do so, press the Browse… button in the Existing video information box. The video picker dialog appears:


In this dialog you can choose a video from your videos on Vimeo and see its details. After filling the ticket form, press Get Ticket to get an upload ticket from Vimeo. The ticket will be remembered by the application until the upload is completed or a new ticket is obtained. You can also save the ticket in a file by choosing the Save Ticket… item from the Upload menu.

After the ticket is obtained, you can see the chunks in the Chunks box. To upload the chunks, simply select them and press Upload. To upload in multiple threads, select each group of chunks and press Upload for each group individually. The chunks indicated with colors are being uploaded.


After all chunks are uploaded, or if the application is closed and reopened, you can press the Verify / Resume button to verify the uploaded chunks and find the chunks that still need to be uploaded.


Once all chunks are verified, you can press the Finish button to complete the upload process.


The upload process is completed and you can now wait for the video to be transcoded and get ready for viewing.

  1. Hey, thanks for this, uploading right now!
    I’ve got a few videos and a crappy internet connection that waited for a resume feature for months :p
    Will be back then the upload finishes, in the meantime here is what I get on windows xp sp3, there are no colors, and I can’t actually if see if a box is checked or not after #99

    • You’re welcome, I made this app for this very reason, because Vimeo is blocked where I live and I have to use unstable proxies to be able to upload videos.

      Can you send a screenshot of chunks after #99? I can see that you are using Window Blinds, am I right? If so, try turning it off and see if it works or not.

  2. Wow I really got scared at this screen:

    Fortunately it worked a few minutes later (after I started to write as much I was bored here :p)
    Apparently your app did survive the two network disconnections I had during upload
    Let’s see the result after the conversion @Vimeo and we’ll be all set :]

  3. Okay, looks like something went wrong somewhere :\
    Here is the “log” about 20 hours later:
    -“Your video will begin converting momentarily”
    -“We’re just taking care of a few things so we can start converting your video”
    -“We’re sorry to report that your video failed to convert”
    Shouldn’t be a codec problem, it’s a really common h264 quicktime
    The staff already tried to relaunch the conversion but it doesn’t seem to change the results

    • Hmm, It’s strange. Your screenshot shows that the video was verified fine, that means the data that was sent to the server was identical to your video file. Plus, I have tested this app many times during development, so I don’t think it’s a problem with the app. (Proof: Here’s an HD video that says it’s uploaded via Vimeo for Windows:

      Try uploading a small test file with another format to see if it transcodes fine or not.

      Also, the original video file is probably available for download from vimeo even though the video itself is not shown on the page. Download it and see if it works on your Quicktime or not.

    • Yeah… looks like they didn’t see my last reply in this mess :p
      I’m asking them one last time, then I’ll try another upload tonight.
      Couldn’t download the original for testing (0kb) but a shorter version uploaded and converted just fine with the app :]

      • I hear ya, Lemo. We’ve got your video up and running now :)

      • Hey thanks for passing by ;)
        I uploaded it again overnight indeed and all went fine, funny thing is that I didn’t even get one network failure this time.
        Got two other (more interesting) videos incoming that will match just fine the quota reset in a few hours ^^
        Anyway, I suppose this app deserves some advertising around the forums while the “official” resume feature is in the works

  4. Could upload another video just fine

    Thx again for this

  5. Saeed…you’r a god. Finally i’ll forget vimeo webpage’s upload problem (file size, upload crash, ecc…).

    • Haha, You’re welcome. I also made a simpler uploader named Vimeo for Windows Queue, but am too lazy to put it on the Internet :) I’ll release it eventually some day.

  6. I have tried with a 3,5gb h.264 video several times, but it fails me every time. Any thoughts? Has anyone had succes with large files?

    • I can only upload up to 500MB because I have a basic account so I can’t test it myself. What chunk size do you use? What happens exactly? Does the upload fail when you “finish” or do you have problems with verifying?

  7. Hi, I’m facing the same problem of forbiden access to vimeo in the contry where I’m actually living…
    Could you please send me information about proxies to use with your software. I’ve tried some lists found in the web without success…
    Thank you for your work !

  8. Hello, I can’t obtain anymore the oAuth access…
    Here the error message gived by Vimeo. Do you know what is wrong ?

    Uh oh, something went wrong!

    It looks like we’re missing some required info, or the info you submitted was invalid. If you go back to the previous page and try again, it may work. If you receive this message again, please contact the app developer.

    Go back

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